ClickBeetle Model-Train Controller

           Looking back to the magic N-track train I was searching for something bigger but using the same firmware with advanced features. I decided to keep the ClickBeetle standard to add more boards offering to possibility to build a flexible HMI. The base board called HmiBeetle is capable to add up to … [Read more…]

Magic N-track train

Do you remembering my magic H0 train moving with no cables on the tracks? See my old blog entry…       I did it again, but now with use of an ultra small evaluation platform called ClickBeetle so I could minimize the result from H0 into a n-track sized wagon.         … [Read more…]

Maerklin 4316 Central

You are right, Maerklin 4316 is not a central but a normal waggon. But with a RaspberryPI running srcpd and Rocrail this waggon can be easily turned into a DCC central. We need a circuit creating a differential protocol from the serial stream of the RaspberryPI Zero W, so for that I had used DigiSpark Mini … [Read more…]


ClickBeetle celebrates Christmas with the ChristmasBeetle baseboard for example using BlueBeetle I. See the schematics: Schematic_ChristmasBeetle_v10 And a 3D PDF of the PCB: 3D_ChristmasBeetle See the video:   See more about ClickBeetle here

Ultra Low Power MCU – How to measure energy consumption?

Starting with ULP MCUs like Ambiq Micros Apollo1 or Apollo2 available via is very easy, but designing ULP applications can be a nightmare without good tools measuring the power consumption. For Ambiq Micro Apollo Series MCUs Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH realized different possibilities to measure ultra low power consumption. On the one hand FEEU … [Read more…]

Homeautomation with ClickBeetle and Fujitsu F-Cue

I have made it: Getting FHEM and Homebridge running on Fujitsu F-Cue board. The board itself provides via WLAN and hostapd a mobile hotspot where a smart phone can connect to. On-board Bluetooth connects peripherals like FEEU ClickBeetle ( See some short demo video controlling some LEDs and a wireless connected ClickBeetle. All available via … [Read more…]