Simpler Mini Booster für die Modelleisenbahn mit MAX14870

Für Modelleisenbahn gibt es von den verschiedensten Herstellern Booster, um digitale Protokolle auf die Schiene zu bringen. Ich möchte in diesen Beitrag darauf eingehen, wie man sich möglichst klein und günstig einen eigenen Booster aufbauen kann, der natürlich vom Funktionsumfang sich stark zu komplexen Boostern unterscheidet. Hierzu ist es wichtig zu wissen, dass es verschiedenste … [Read more…]

Bare register based software examples for Apollo3Blue

Bare register based software examples for Apollo3Blue are now available at GitHub: Software downloads having support for following toolchains / IDEs: IDE Manufacturer Download Windows Linux MacOS Embedded Studio Segger Link x x x uVision Keil/ARM Link x Embedded Workbench IAR Link x WinIDEA iSystem Link x Makefile GNU Link x x x   … [Read more…]

Apollo3Blue I2S via hardware pattern generator

In my last article I had described the capabilities of Apollo3Blue generating pattern in hardware: In this article I will go a step deeper inside implementing a full protocol for driving audio: I2S. In general I2S is used to transfer left and right channel data in a 16-bit PCM format for each channel with a … [Read more…]

e-Peas AEM10941 Energy-Harvesting PMIC with Ambiq Micro AM1805AQ PMIC-RTC

  Ultra-Low-Power energy harvesting applications often requires some “black-boxes” for finding the maximum power point between current and voltage consumption to harvest energy, a DC-DC converter to charge a storage element, some LDO for providing the target MCUs operation voltage and some kind of timer to wakeup the application periodically or wakeup by request via … [Read more…]

Apollo2’s hidden USB

Apollo2’s hidden USB is not a hidden hardware feature, but software bit-banging using Apollo2s flexible GPIOs including the capability to drive 1.5k pullup resistors on special pins used with I2C.The following picture shows the connection between MCU and USB port: The solution supports low-speed USB for realizing HID USB transfers for example. One idea is … [Read more…]


Apollo3Blue is now available in Europe via the webshop of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH: The best way to start with Apollo3Blue is to use the evaluation board For later on prototypes Apollo3Blue is available in BGA (AMA3B1KK-KBR) or as CSP (AMA3B1KK-KCR) Datasheets and latest software is available at the Ambiq Micro … [Read more…]

Magic N-track train

Do you remembering my magic H0 train moving with no cables on the tracks? See my old blog entry…       I did it again, but now with use of an ultra small evaluation platform called ClickBeetle so I could minimize the result from H0 into a n-track sized wagon.         … [Read more…]