Crashed Proxmox – how to access /etc/pve in rescue mode

Forwarding PCIE devices in Proxmox is pretty easy. But in case the KVM/QEMU Machine crashed the system and the onboot flag was set, it is nearly impossible to get the system back working.

Well there is a chance: Starting in recovery mode. So after the PC was turned on and GRUB comes up, select “Advanced options for Proxmox VE GNU/Linux”. Now you can select the Rescue mode. After a few seconds, it is possible to login with the root password.

If you now want to edit the /etc/pve/qemu-server/<number>.conf file, you will see the folder is empty.

Before you can edit files in /etc/pve you need to start the pve-cluster. So just type

systemctl start pve-cluster

Now you can edit your files in /etc/pve and hopefully you can unbrick Proxmox…

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