SK-AMAP1-BREAKOUT-V11 – Ambiq Micro Apollo 1 (APOLLO512-KBR) Breakout Board

The Ambiq Micro Apollo1 (APOLLO512-KBR) breakout boards are now available in the FEEU webshop:     more information and schematic can be found here: Factsheet_SK-AMAP1-BREAKOUT-v12 Apollo2 breakout boards will be expected 1-2 weeks later.

Using Interrupts with ARM Cortex M (with Ambiq Micro Apollo MCU software example)

The interrupt part of ARM Cortex M MCUs is described in CMSIS. The interrupt controller of ARM Cortex M MCUs is called NVIC. The NVIC is part of CMSIS and is decribed at the CMSIS website: In general ARM Cortex M based MCUs having two types of IRQs: Core peripheral IRQs and MCU peripheral … [Read more…]