Apollo3Blue is now available in Europe via the webshop of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH: http://shop.feeu.com The best way to start with Apollo3Blue is to use the evaluation board http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3BEVB For later on prototypes Apollo3Blue is available in BGA (AMA3B1KK-KBR) http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3B1KK-KBR or as CSP (AMA3B1KK-KCR) http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3B1KK-KCR Datasheets and latest software is available at the Ambiq Micro … [Read more…]

ClickBeetle Model-Train Controller

Looking back to the magic N-track train I was searching for something bigger but using the same firmware with advanced features. I decided to keep the ClickBeetle standard to add more boards offering to possibility to build a flexible HMI.      The base board called HmiBeetle is capable to add up to 5 ClickBeetle boards … [Read more…]