Draw LED matrix content – made easy

I bought a 16×16 RGB LED matrix by AZ-Delivery – but sure with no plan.

Christmas came closer and I thought, it would be nice to create a custom star for the top of the Christmas tree.

I tried to search for editors to generate content for my matrix display, so my child is also being capable to generate content.

Unfortunately there was no useful software, also in terms the editor could maybe run directly on an ESP based Wifi MCU. So I started to write my own web-based editor for matrix displays.

The result is the Arduino LED-Matrix-Editor which can be used at http://www.io-expert.com/ledmatrixeditor/

After editing the picture, an image.cpp can be downloaded by pressing the download button. The example project can be found at GitHub where just the image.cpp has to be replaced.

Currently there is not yet a version running on ESP, so first tests were made with an Arduino Nano, connecting D3 to DIN of the LED Matrix.

Stay tuned for the ESP version with the Editor running directly on the MCU and writing to the LED matrix can be done in a live mode or upload mode. As base I will use my ESP Webserver-Template to speed-up the first development with a new project on ESP32 / ESP8266.

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