Ambiq Micro Apollo 2 – the next step of Low-Power MCUs

Apollo 2 Series

Apollo 2 is the latest addition in the ultra-low power Apollo microcontroller family. This highly integrated MCU reduces power consumption by more than 50% compared to the first generation Apollo MCU, therefore empowering users with more processing capability with an even lower power budget. Apollo 2 opens door for enhanced applications performing complex context detection, gesture recognition, and activity monitoring with longer battery life in wearable electronics, activity & fitness monitors, IoT devices, and wireless sensors. All Apollo series MCUs take full advantage of Ambiq Micro’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) Platform, setting a new industry benchmark in low power design.The Apollo 2 Series lowers the current/energy consumption to 10uA/MHz and increases the speed to 48MHz and the memory to 1MB FLASH and 256KB RAM

Apollo 2 series is not yet available, but can be ordered soon via Fujitsu Electronics

Direct link to Fujitsu Electronics Europe webshop:

Ambiq Micro Apollo 2 series features:

Apollo 2 series has following configurations:

  • AMAPH1KK-KCR: 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM, 49-pin CSP, 2.5 x 2.50 mm
  • AMAPH1KK-KBR: 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM, 64-pin BGA, 4.50 x 4.50 mm



Apollo 2 MCUs are available in the FEEU webshop or the direct link:

Example Software

Example software is available via Ambiq Micros Control Center available for Windows and Linux x86 and x64. It can be downloaded in the Ambiq Micro support area:

In addition Fujitsu Electronics Europe offers also examples:

Press Releases

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