Apollo3Blue is now available in Europe via the webshop of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH: http://shop.feeu.com

The best way to start with Apollo3Blue is to use the evaluation board http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3BEVB

For later on prototypes Apollo3Blue is available in BGA (AMA3B1KK-KBR) http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3B1KK-KBR or as CSP (AMA3B1KK-KCR) http://www.feeu.com/shopAMA3B1KK-KCR

Datasheets and latest software is available at the Ambiq Micro website: https://ambiqmicro.com/mcu/


Apollo3Blue is also used within the edge node board of Sparkfun. See also: https://blog.hackster.io/introducing-the-sparkfun-edge-34c9eb80a000

“Ambiq Micro’s latest Apollo 3 Blue micro-controller whose ultra efficient ARM Cortex-M4F 48MHz (with 96MHz burst mode) processor can run TensorFlow Lite using only 6µA/MHz. Apollo3 Blue sports all the cutting edge features expected of modern micro-controllers including six configurable I2C/SPI masters, two UARTs, one I2C/SPI slave, a 15-channel 14-bit ADC, and a dedicated Bluetooth processor that supports BLE 5. On top of all that the Apollo3 Blue has 1MB of flash and 384KB of SRAM memory.

Consuming around 0.3mA running flat out at 48MHz, and just 1 µA in deep sleep mode with Bluetooth turned off, the Apollo 3 processor’s power budget when running is less than many micro-controllers draw in deep sleep mode. That allows you to do real-time machine learning on a micro-controller board powered by a single CR2032 coin cell battery that should last for months.”




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