Fujitsu ClickBeetle Reference Platform

Fujitsu is launching a new reference platform for application near hardware development called ClickBeetle.

Fujitsu ClickBeetle Website:

The ClickBeetle concept offers a versatile modular approach for fast application and prototype development in an unprecedented small form factor. By combining boards from the ClickBeetle family your pre-prototype reference board is instantly ready. Additional customized extensions board can be provided in less than 4 weeks.

Select your RF protocol by choosing the suitable ClickBeetle for your application. Add a PowerBeetle battery board with USB charger and you are ready to go with FEEU’s adapted SDK. If you need additional peripherals (e.g. memory, sensors, RTC, HMI, … ) FEEU can help you to building a custom ClickBeetle extension board featuring the missing hardware for your application prototype.

You can find more at:


See a first hands-on at an assembled ClickBeetle fading an LED:

And some more pictures of ClickBeetle first prototypes:



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ClickBeetle iOS App:

ClickBeetle iOS App


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