MCU Templates for Ambiq Micro Apollo 1

The MCU template is a project template for Ambiq Micro Apollo 1. It includes some basic settings for e.g. Linker, C-Compiler.

See also MCU Templates

Supported tool-chains:

  • ARM 5.11
  • Atollic 4.3.1
  • emIDE 2.2
  • IAR 7.30
  • iSYSTEM 9.12.228

Supported MCUs:


The source is available at github:

The zip-package at the FEEU website:


MCU Templates and Software Examples

MCU Templates and Software Examples for Apollo 1 MCU Series of Ambiq Micro are available at the FEEU website:

At the page of Apollo 1 ( the section “Sample Software” can be found.

Currently FEEU offers following examples:

Bare register based example: IOM SPI Master (982 KB/apollo iom spi master example

Bare register based example: ITM printf (1.62 MB /apollo itm printf example

Bare register based example: UART (1.65 MB /apollo uart example


See also FEEU is working on register based examples for Ambiq Micro Apollo

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