Below 60$: New Ambiq Micro Apollo 2 EVB or EVK (Evaluation Board or Evaluation Kit)

Ambiq Micro had launched a new EVK for their Apollo 2 MCU.

It is delivered in a small box.


  • Ambiq Micro Apollo 2: AMAPH1KK-KBR
  • 48MHz
  • 10µA/MHz
  • 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM


The schematics can be found in the support area of Ambiq Micro: or via the direct link:


The board offers all pins available at Arduinio compatible pin-outs:

The board also offers:

  • Power Switch
  • Power Measurement Headers
  • USB-Micro – Power Supply
  • On-Board J-Link Debugger
  • SWD Debug-out connector to debug external applications
  • SWD Debug-in connector to use your favorite debugger for the EVK
  • Reset Button
  • 3 user buttons
  • 5 user LEDs


Software can be found in the support area of Ambiq Micro as well:

The AmbiqSuite SDK must be downloaded.

There is also a getting started with the AmbiqSuite SDK available called “Getting Started with AmbiqSuite SDK”.

The SDK install itself at C:\AmbiqMicro.

As IDE there is support for:


Schematic: apollo2-amaph1kk-kbr-brd-r1.0

Datasheet MCU: Apollo2_MCU_Data_Sheet_rev0p92


The Apollo 2 evaluation board called AMAPHEVK is available for 55€ at the webshop of Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH (FEEU):

Apollo 2 MCUs (AMAPH1KK-KBR and AMAPH1KK-KBR) are available as well:


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