MCU Templates for Ambiq Micro Apollo 1

The MCU template is a project template for Ambiq Micro Apollo 1. It includes some basic settings for e.g. Linker, C-Compiler. See also MCU Templates Supported tool-chains: ARM 5.11 Atollic 4.3.1 emIDE 2.2 IAR 7.30 iSYSTEM 9.12.228 Supported MCUs: APOLLO256-KBR APOLLO256-KCR APOLLO512-KBR APOLLO512-KCR   The source is available at github: The zip-package at the … [Read more…]

MCU Templates

MCU Templates are a kind of a common project framework or software framework needed for developers to have an easy start in development with MCUs. MCU Templates are historical started within Fujitsu (the times Fujitsu was a semiconductor company) by request of well-known customers. MCU Templates offering everything required to start development of embedded software … [Read more…]