The Ambiq Micro Apollo 2 SystemTimer (SysTimer)

A new feature of the new Apollo 2 MCU series is the so called SystemTimer. The SystemTimer or SysTimer is not the SysTick timer of the ARM Cortex M core, but adds new possibilities for real time behaviour scheduling in hardware with a little part of software. In addition it runs also in deepsleep modes! … [Read more…]

Below 60$: New Ambiq Micro Apollo 2 EVB or EVK (Evaluation Board or Evaluation Kit)

Ambiq Micro had launched a new EVK for their Apollo 2 MCU. It is delivered in a small box. MCU Ambiq Micro Apollo 2: AMAPH1KK-KBR 48MHz 10µA/MHz 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM Schematics The schematics can be found in the support area of Ambiq Micro: or via the direct link: Features The board offers … [Read more…]